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How I use Adobe to write children’s books.

I discovered digital art in 1995 using a mouse and simple draw program. Before that I was a conventional artist/illustrator using pencil and paper.
Although I enjoyed programs that created bitmap drawings I really found my medium with Adobe Illustrator. I love using vectors to create my illustrations. For me it is more like creating a sculpture, working with shapes and the ability to change size without losing resolution is fantastic. Adobe has solved just about all of my problems in the creation of books and now building apps and ibooks.
Hardcover books are created in Illustrator/photoshop and then complied in Indesign which gives us lots of flexibility building the book.
Apps and ibooks use the same files created in Illustrator but with the ability to change images to work for different devices.
I don’t use paper any more at all, I start from scratch using my digital drawpad and draw my ideas right into the computer. For me it is a great way to work. I don’t think I would have followed the path to writing and illustrating books if I did not have a way to do it digitally, for me it opened up a whole new way to create.


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